SEO Tools

When it comes to online marketing, perfection in SEO matters is a must. Every professional is in agreement that SEO matters are not that easy ant they, therefore, should be treated with a lot of seriousness.

This is why in the recent past, some SEO tools have been designed to serve any purpose of website optimization. In this article, we are going to explore some of the most popular SEO tools that have the potential of making your business climb to higher heights. They will make your website a popularity ground.

Google adwords keyword tool

The success of any SEO campaign is based on the keyword. This, therefore, tellsgoogle-485611__340 you that keyword unearthing is the way to top google’s list.You can create your keywords, but the problem is that your ideas are likely to differ from those of most people.Google adwords keyword tool is a tool that will help you significantly to find the most searched  keywords on the internet. It gives you a brilliant idea on which keyword to target and the one to ignore.

If you have not tried this tool, then you need to give a try, and you will realize that it is indeed the leader as far as keywords are concerned.

XML sitemaps generators

To be sure that alhohohll your pages are indexed, it is advisable that you set sitemaps for your web. Sitemaps are advantageous to visitors as they make your website more organized and therefore easily navigable by people. Remember that some people who visit the internet are always in early and this means that will never tolerate website that seems to be taking a lot of their time.


So to be precise, this tool, apart from playing a major role in the indexing of the website, it also makes your website more friendly to users.

SEO rank checker

For you to succeed in online matters, you need to monitor the how this are flowing out there. To be in a better position of doing this, you will need an SEO book’s rank checker. All that you need to do as far as this is concerned is that you type the URL of your website into this tools in a matter of seconds you will get the results that you were looking for.


This is one of the top SEO tools that you need to know about. It gives you all SEO features that are crucial in online marketing. Such features include rank checker, optimization advice, keyword research, article submitter and many others.